Clevr: Olivia Folding/Hanging Chair


TreeHugger loves when design just makes good sense. Take "Olivia," this folding chair from reestore, for example: folding chairs, as the name suggests, fold up and flatten to save space when not in use; to get them out of the way, why not make it easy to hang them on the wall or in a closet? And if you're going to hang it up, why not add a nice touch so that you can hang your coat on it, too? We could see a row of these keeping a few jackets from getting wrinkled, just waiting for your next dinner party. Clevr.

This isn't the first time we've seen good stuff from UK-based reestore; check out the couch that used to be a tub and other fun, recycled designs including repurposed shopping carts, washing machine drums and wheelbarrows. More clever designs at ::reestore via ::Better Living Through Design

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