Clevr: Marta Antoszkiewicz's Kitchenette, for Urban Living


Apartment dwellers (and all those who think smaller is better) know that one of the keys to comfortable life in a small space is making it feel as spacious as possible; a few strategies for accomplishing this include keeping the clutter down, using individual items that serve multiple purposes and finding things that serve big purposes but have small footprints. Designer Marta Antoszkiewicz's "Kitchenette" collection falls into that last category; it's a cozy kitchen table whose chairs neatly slide away under the table when not in use. Out of sight, out of mind, right?

Quite reminiscent of Hans Olsen's Compact dining set (IKEA makes one as well, we're told), "Kitchenette" is smaller and replaces the warmth of the wood in Olsen's mid-century style with spare, clean, modern lines and a pop of red color in the seats. Antoszkiewicz, a recent graduate of the Industrial Design program at Carleton University, is looking for a design position to put this and other cool ideas to work. Hit the jump for more pics and see more at ::Marta Antoszkiewicz and ::Coroflot via ::Yanko Design



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