Clevr: Lovers Breakfast Table, for Two, with a Smile


Table for two? This suave, utterly cute little table is an ingenious space saver, with two chairs that fold right in to the tabletop and base. In the same vein as Hans Olsen's dining set, the table's minimal footprint, when not in use, is ideal for small spaces and the romance of gazing into the eyes of whomever you happen to enjoying batter-blasted organic pancakes or organic yogurt with.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day; with something like this, even dwellers of the smallest spaces can have a place to sit down and enjoy it (and, in true TreeHugger spirit, we bet it would work for lunch and/or dinner, too). Sadly, this piece itself isn't currently available, but the clever concept itself is definitely worth a closer look. ::Amazon UK via ::Apartment Therapy