Clevr: Hang Your Dishes Out to Dry


It's a bummer that you have to fight for your right to line-dry your laundry, but at least you can stick it to your local municipality with something like these clever line-dryable dishes. "Cuelgame," conceived by Spanish designers Marc Ballve and Victor Vinyamatavia, helps save precious kitchen counter space by encouraging users to dry their dishes with the help of a warm summer breeze. And without that pesky alleged lower property value that can stupidly accompany dangling your undies from the line.

In all seriousness, this is a fun, clever, artful space-saving proposition, with tongue slightly implanted in cheek. If you don't want to reuse the water from your clean dishes, and have run out of space for a modular, space-efficient dish rack, why not let your dishes pick up the space-saving slack? You could even follow these tips for drying laundry indoors...hit the jump for more pics. ::Marc Ballve and Victor Vinyamatavia via ::Yanko Design



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