Clevr: Cut Attachez Table by Shay Alkalay


Speaking of adding storage in unexpected places, Israeli designer Shay Alkalay (whose cheeky stain stickers we've mentioned before) has an artful, DIY-able solution. Called "Cut Attachez," the idea involves two careful cuts with a saw, a couple colorful runners and a drawer; a few minutes later, you have more storage (and a cooler table) than you used to.

Granted, it'd be a lot easier and more stable to just add a pull drawer, but we like the concept behind this idea. Alkalay looked at the table -- something many of us probably think of as just a place to put stuff on -- and envisioned a new, useful function for just about any table in your house. That doesn't mean we should all start hacking apart our tables, but it is a clever way to get more from what we've already got. Get up close and personal with more pics after the jump. ::Shay Alkalay via ::dezeen



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