Clever Toothbrush Stops Paste Waste with Haste

toothbrush concept image
Image via Coroflot

One of the first times I met Graham Hill, the founder of TreeHugger, he told me about growing up in a household where practical environmental behavior was the norm. "My mom always taught us to use all the toothpaste in the tube before tossing it out."This toothbrush concept by designer Jee Young Choi would have been a Mrs. Hill fave. She has conceived of a brush with an integrated slot into which the toothpaste tube is inserted, squeezing the contents to the front of the tube. Her design is such that the product can continue to be a useful tube-squeezer even after you've moved on to a new brush for your chompers.

The Preserve toothbrush, made from recycled yogurt cups, is certainly the poster child of green oral hygiene. Other notables include the Source toothbrush, and this brush that serves double-duty, brushing and rinsing. Jee Young Choi's design, if it is taken to market, will make a noble addition. Via The Design Blog

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