Clever Repurposing of Architects' Classic Lamp for the Modern Office

The Luxo lamp is a design classic that used to be found on every architect's desk when they had drafting boards. They pretty much went away with the boards, although Pixar introduced them to a new generation with their great dancing lamp video in 1986.

Concrete, the Dutch Architects of the year in 2012, pay homage to the Luxo by turning it into a chandelier for their own offices. It is another example of what Charles Jencks called "adhocism"

It can be applied to many human endeavours, denoting a principle of action having speed or economy and purpose or utility. Basically it involves using an available system or dealing with an existing situation in a new way to solve a problem quickly and effectively. It is a method of creation relying particularly on resources which are already at hand.

I am not certain I would want 14 Luxos over my head if I was trying to draw on a computer, and hope they are on a dimmer.

bookcase© Concrete

Here is another great idea in their office: a two sided book case squeezed into the space between flights of stairs. The firm's offices, located in the Red Light district in Amsterdam, are quite lovely throughout; see more at Inthralled

For your Luxo viewing pleasure.

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