Clever Flatpack Furniture is FOBricated With Ratchet Straps

fobricated table ratchet flatpack design photo

Images credit Jason Barbagelott atFOBricated

TreeHugger founder Graham Hill is looking for furniture for the LifeEdited project; this line from FOBricated might fill the bill. It is as minimal as it gets, held together in tension by ratchet straps. The designers tell Mocoloco that ""They all follow the same principles of construction, using no nails, screws or other typical woodworking hardware."

fobricated table ratchet flatpack design photo

Putting all that tension on the ratchet straps makes it strong and stable, but bends the plywood top. I wasn't crazy about this, but the designers call it a feature, not a bug:

Slight curvatures in the furniture pieces are generated by the tension of the straps, which hint at the forces that hold them in balance. The pieces are suspended in a constant state of stress, creating stability between static and dynamic.

fobricated table ratchet flatpack design photo

The chair has an incredibly minimalist profile, it almost isn't there. More at FOBricated
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