Clever Bike Handle Makes Going up Stairs Easy

walnut studiolo bike frame handleWalnut Studiolo/Video screen capture

Biking is good. Living in the city is good. Carrying a bike up the stairs to an apartment is a pain: It's awkward, and as often as not you end up with grease on your hands and clothing. That is, unless you pick up the Bicycle Frame Handle from Walnut Studiolo. The 7.5" strap of leather, also called the "Little Lifter," connects to the frame via adjustable buckles, above the derailleur, making the bike easy to lift and carry.

Walnut Studiolo is run by Geoffrey and Valerie Franklin, it's the studio that makes the bike wine rack we featured a few months ago, as well as a variety of quality, hand-tooled leather bike accessories. The Frame Handle sells for $38 on Etsy, and was available for $30 during a successful Kickstarter campaign that ended last month after raising nearly $20,000. There's also a $100 model, in dark brown leather with an optional monogram.

According to the Franklins, the Frame Handle lowers the bike's center of gravity, reducing strain on the elbow and making it easier to control the bike as you head into the subway or down a crowded sidewalk. The handles are made in the US, with leather from American steers in St. Louis and hardware from an Ohio leather company.

If you're okay with using a leather product, and use your bike in the city, there's no reason not to go out and grab a Little Lifter.

Clever Bike Handle Makes Going up Stairs Easy
A leather handle makes carrying your bike a snap.

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