Clean Up Your Front Yard


We are making use of the front yards of our houses in different ways now. It used to be a space to demonstrate respectability: grass, pathway, hedges. Now we have to accommodate multiple recycling bins, garbage cans, bicycles, car and a garden. The Front Yard Company aims to provide some order to front yards with well-designed and functional furniture.

bikesBonnie Alter/CC BY 2.0
The PlantLock is a metal planter with locking bars, accommodating two bicycles that can be secured by using any lock of choice. It's heavy, so that it can't be easily stolen and comes in green or red. Any kind of plant can be grown in it--herbs and vegetables or flowers and shrubs. It can be "parked" in back gardens, balconies, or along the side of the house.

Another public minded creation that addresses the problem of where to store the garbage cans is the BoxDock. Made out of European Oak which has good outdoor durability, it is a simple and tidy looking container for recycling boxes and wheelie bins. Since it is wooden and has slats it is easy to keep clean and won't smell. It provides a well-crafted and modern looking solution to an urban issue--which is what the best of design should do. And, it is made in a manufacturing plant that uses all its woodwaste to generate power and heat, so it's almost a carbon-neutral manufacturing process. :: Front Yard Company Via :: London Design Festival

Clean Up Your Front Yard
We are making use of the front yards of our houses in different ways now.

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