Classrooms of the Future


Here’s a novel and educational way for schools to supplement their budgets. St. Francis of Assisi Primary School has built a biosphere as part of its school. It contains exotic plants and is made of the same material as the Eden Project in Cornwall. They have now installed solar panels on its roof that will produce one kilowatt of electricity a day. During the week this will provide electricity for the classrooms. But the school is closed on weekends and during holidays--this adds up to 175 days a year--and the power amassed during that time will be sold to the National Grid. This will decrease school bills and reduce carbon emissions. It all ties in with the school’s curriculum that teaches children about the environment in a very real and practical way. The asphalt playground has been replaced with a woodland, an allotment garden has been planted and homemade pesticides are used in the biosphere. It was paid for with a government grant. The Headteacher has become so inspired that he has sold his Range Rover and replaced it with a Prius. :: St. Francis of Assisi School via :: Evening Standard

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