Classic Furniture Designs From Cheap Sustainable Materials

osb table by adam rowe photo

Oriented Strand Board (OSB) is the stuff of building today, replacing plywood as sheathing and in floors. From an environmental point of view, it can be a mixed bag; there is little waste and smaller, fast-growing species can be used. In the UK you can get it from sustainably harvested sources. The stuff is cheap.

Graduate designer Adam Rowe uses it "to challenge the misconceptions of material aesthetics and the value placed on materials, combining traditional craftsmanship and high quality leather with a modern cheap sustainable material."

osb chair by adam rowe photo

OSB is made using sustainable wood sources in the UK and is approved by the FSC, creating a modern adaptation to the original classic without losing any of the detail and craftsmanship." ::Adam Rowe via ::Dezeen, seen at ::New Designers

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