City Halls to Get Green Makeovers From Clinton Foundation


Mayors from forty big cities are in New York for the C40 Large Cities Climate Summit at the invite of Mayor Bloomberg. In their loot bags today is a billion dollars from major international banks to do a green makeover of fifteen city halls around the world.

Organized by the Clinton Foundation, the ex president said "They're going to save money, make money, create jobs and have a tremendous collective impact on climate change all at once,"

According to Wired,The makeovers will include replacing heating, cooling and lighting systems with energy-efficient networks; making roofs white or reflective to deflect more of the sun's heat; sealing windows and installing new models that let more light in; and setting up sensors to control more efficient use of lights and air conditioning. ::Wired

Cities include New York, Chicago, Houston, Toronto, Mexico City, London, Berlin and Tokyo, Rome; Karachi, Pakistan; Seoul, South Korea; Bangkok, Thailand; Melbourne, Australia; Sao Paulo, Brazil; and Johannesburg, South Africa.