CircuitBox: Transformer Furniture in a Shipping Container

circuitbox transformer shipping container tokyo photo

There isn't a lot of room inside a shipping container to accommodate different functions, so Italian designers Studio X Design Group came up with a way of sliding elements in and out according to the needs of the moment.

circuitbox transformer shipping container open image

The box can be wide open inside;

circuitbox transformer shipping container relax image

Elements can be slid out on tracks for relaxing;

circuitbox transformer shipping container work image

Different elements can be slid out for working.

circuitbox transformer shipping container folded image

The designers write in their best Architectspeak:

Circuitbox is a concept studied as a possible answer tot he continuous reduction of the inhabited unit and the more and more free conception of the domestic environment that have carried to a progressive spacial integration and to an increasing request of flexibility. CircuitBox is composed from a series of rings of gradually decreasing measures nested one inside the other.

circuitbox transformer shipping container empty image

Opportunely extracting, placing and arranging rings the atmosphere can be transformed of time in time to several uses like lunch, office, bedroom or anything else answering anytime to the needs of living on an already present future.

Studio X Design Group via The Design Blog
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