CIA Goes Green, Or So They Tell Us


The Central Intelligence Agency's new facilities in northern Virginia are going LEED, with a 22,000 square foot green roof, 40% savings in water by using low-flush toilets and waterless urinals, 21% savings in energy use by using occupancy sensors and energy efficient equipment, while improving air quality with 60% more fresh air.

The first office building, which opened its doors in 2007, earned LEED Silver certification, while the visitor center and central plant each earned LEED Gold certification. Details on what they did below the fold.

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* Comprehensive mass transportation program

* Preferred parking for low emitting and fuel efficient vehicles and carpools
* Bike racks
* Public transportation to site

* Enhanced stormwater management
o Quality and quantity control
* Vegetated roof
o 22,000 square foot vegetated roof

Water Savings

* Over 40% potable water savings
o Low-flow water closets
o Water efficient faucets and showerheads
o Waterless urinals
o Native landscaping at central plant

Energy Efficiency

* Over 21% energy savings
o Occupancy sensors
o Daylight and tasklights
o Energy efficient appliances and equipment
* Building commissioning
* 100% renewable energy certificates for visitor center

Indoor Environmental Quality

* 60% more fresh air supply
* Carbon dioxide monitors to provide fresh air when necessary
* Individual lighting controls and extensive outdoor views for occupants
* Low-emitting materials: paints, carpet, systems furniture, sealants, wood
* Green housekeeping program
* Indoor air quality
o During construction management
o Before occupancy testing

Materials Selection

* Over 50% construction waste diversion from landfill
* Over 20% recycled content in building materials
* Extensive use of building materials from regional sources
* Recycling for building

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