Christian de Vietri: Art out of IKEA


Everyone else goes to IKEA for for furnishings; Australian artist Christian de Vietri goes for art. According to Cool Hunter, "De Vietri has taken the components of various IKEA products—the wooden structures of a bunk bed, curtain rails, parts of a rotating cupboard, knives, chopping board sets, chairs and tables—and created from them a tool of torture: a 3 x 3 metre "Infrafamily Conflict Resolution Unit." Imagine a whirligig plus prodding stick: a contemporary reinvention of the barbarous medieval pillory, into which offenders were locked by their hands and neck and forced to rotate aimlessly, incessantly." At last, something to do with all of the leftover pieces or remainders after it breaks. On show at Sydney's thirtyseven degrees. ::Christian de Vietri via ::Cool Hunting

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