Choplery: Cutlery/Chopstick Bamboo Hybrid, for Your Eating Pleasure

choplery: bamboo chopstick utensil hybrid

One part cutlery, one part chopstick, and 100% bamboo, Choplery is a fun dining tool that begs the question "Does Pad Thai taste the same with a fork?" Created by Brooklyn-based designGO!, they simultaneously offer options and almost force a choice when eating: knife, fork & spoon, or chopsticks?

Fortunately, it looks like you can have your cake and eat it, too. If you go for chopsticks, the utensils are well-designed enough to remain functional (with the possible exception of the spoon -- see the pic below the fold) after the split. We think they'd be great to keep at the office for lunches and whatnot, or as bring your own utensils, a movement that continues to gain traction. Coming soon from ::designGO! via ::Design Milk

Choplery: bamboo chopstick/utensil hybrid after being split

Say the designers, "Does Pad Thai taste the same with a fork? East meets west in our newest tabletop design. Choplery is made from 100% bamboo and allows for a choice while eating. This design forces the user to make a decision and commit to their eating preference."

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