Cherokee Lofts by Pugh + Scarpa Keep Cool The Old Way


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Pugh + Scarpa Architects won the AIA Architecture Firm award this year, based on "35 years of consistent excellent work, including its seamless blending of architecture, art, and craft; community involvement; attention to sustainable design; and nurturing of in-house talent."

One recent project that might have contributed to this reputation is the Cherokee Lofts building in Los Angeles. It's the first LEED Gold mixed use multifamily building in Southern California. It's most notable feature is the use of perforated metal shutters to control sunlight and provide privacy.


According to the website for the project, the "Dynamic double fa├žade creates shade and buffers street noise while enabling ventilation", but that isn't the only feature; it is over 40% better than California's already tough energy efficiency standards, has electric car charging outlets for every unit, lots of bike storage and a green roof. They even publish their LEED NC checklist.

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But I really like the fact that it is open in the middle, that there is the possibility of cross-ventilation through the units. This is the kind of design that is key to using less air conditioning. It is a great example of using old technologies that keep you cool without fossil fuels:

-Operable windows and shutters,
a sophisticated method of getting security, shade and privacy;
-Courtyards; Tropical and humid environments have effectively been using courtyards for millennia to ventilate, heat and cool buildings.

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