Check out NYC's Hottest Pool Party in a Vacant Parking Lot


The Pools at The Palms photo by Bonnie Hulkower

Several arts groups came together to create the 15,000 square-foot pool party space, cheekily named "The Palms." The idea is to look like a 1940s Florida resort hotel lobby, complete with fancy cocktails. But this is not your grandmother's Boca Raton 1940s summer party. This is a summer oasis in the industrial heart of Queens, New York. In addition to drinks, The Palms features DJs, dancing, food trucks and what every party needs: dumpsters that have been converted into swimming pools!


Entrance To The Palms photo by Bonnie Hulkower
When Are They Open?
The Palms opened earlier this month on August 12th and has been operating every weekend since, including this Labor Day weekend, though this is its final weekend. The project is a collaboration between Chashama, a non-profit arts organization; 3rd Ward, an arts initiative offering studio spaces, workshops and events; Macro-Sea, the group behind the 2009 Gowanus Dumpster pool; TheDanger, a group of party promoters; and Artists Wanted, which promotes emerging artists.


Lounging on the lounge chairs at the Palms photo by Bonnie Hulkower

How They Found The Space
Chashama, which finds vacant spaces and leases or gives them to artists, found the location. Rockrose Development Corporation, which owns the property, provided the art groups with the space on a block of Jackson Avenue until 2014.


Group Float At The Palms Photo Courtesy of The Palms

Macro-Sea, The Dumpster Pool Designers
Macro-Sea, a design company based out of NYC and Rome, designed the repurposed dumpster pools. Macro-Sea develops interim use projects to transform the urban landscape. Their projects strive to invigorate everyday surroundings to create interactive experiences.

The Pools
Each pool approximately is 22 feet long and 8 feet wide. As the pools are dumpsters and can get moved around with a special truck that moves dumpsters. They have pop up decks hinged to the sides that add 10 feet to each dimension with the decks extended (5 feet on each side). The depth varies by pool.

Is Dumpster Pool Water Clean?

Each pool holds approximately 5,000 gallons of water. The water is filtered in each pool by a UV filter and chlorine system. Macro-Sea built the pumps and filters into the first 3 feet of each pool behind the door. NYC health department has approved the pools as compliant with the health code.


Lounging on the Hammocks at The Palms Photo by Bonnie Hulkower

Check Out The Last Weekend Before Summer Ends!

So come early for a dip in the pool and stay late for DJ The Gorges Boys from noon until midnight. They are sure to make you dance. Or if you don't feel like swimming or dancing, you can always just order food from Luke's Lobster Rolls. There are drinks specials all day on Sunday.

So celebrate the subway running this weekend, and hop on the 7 train to Long Island City!


Ignore the Sign, There Are Actual LifeGuards at The Palms! Photo by Bonnie Hulkower
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