Cheap, Energy-Efficient Robots that Build Houses (Slideshow)

accessible digital fabrication photo

LEGO CNC milling machine & open source robotic arm. Image credit: Marta Malé-Alemany.

Meet George Jetson: (FAB)BOTS are robots or machines that fabricate structures and spatial formations for architecture.

Designed by students, the robot prototypes shown here are inspired by insects, use recycled plastic bags to create structures, fabricate floating houses for the future and even use the sun to laser cut. Intended to meet on-site deployment strategies using locally available materials, these robotic proposals could serve as alternative construction methods for building customised habitats -- particularly in remote locations with limited infrastructure and access to new technology. They are cheap, more accessible and adaptable than current digital fabrication systems, and currently on show at the Fabrication laboratory at the DHUB in Barcelona, Spain.

architecture, digital fabrication

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