"Change" -- Coaster/Cup Sleeve Combo by Chun-Chia Hsu


Java jacket, sleeve, hot holder: call 'em what you will, but those things are everywhere. While we'd prefer that everyone used a travel mug all of the time, TreeHugger acknowledges that there are circumstances under which carrying a mug around is just not very plausible. For those moments, we'd love to see something like "Change" by Chun-Chia Hsu. Embracing the duality of drinking, the corrugated shape of the sleeve allows the inner circumference to collapse in on itself, essentially becoming a flat surface and the perfect coaster for a cold drink (or for when your coffee cools down a bit). As if the dual functionality wasn't enough, Hsu does it all with 100% recycled (and recyclable) cardboard. Hit the jump for another pic, via ::Yanko Design


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