Chairs Made From Old Computers Offer Interactive Seating

BRC chair photo

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We've seen a lot of things made from computer parts but this might be the most elaborate. A series of furniture, including chairs and a table, have been fashioned from junked hardware... and they couldn't be more interesting. They're even interactive! Last week, Lloyd covered the Binary 01 chair and noted, "I do worry about the sharp edges, the toxic chemicals found in old circuit boards and components that might leach out, and how one might keep this clean, but other than those minor caveats, it looks like a wonderful repurposing of old electronics."

I definitely agree -- this looks cool, but I'm not so sure about sitting directly on these old computer parts that have been busted up and refashioned together.

BRC Designs writes:

The Binary Chair 01 or

BRC Designs, featuring modern studio-built furniture by Benjamin Rollins Caldwell, is excited to unveil two new pieces to The Binary collection: The Binary Chair 01 and Binary Chair 02 . A fusion of mid-century modern architectural philosophies and material-inspired design innovation, BRC Designs pushes the boundaries of form and function by juxtaposing contrasting materials in new and ironic ways.

The Cushion Cover for the Binary Chair 01 is constructed from computer ribbon cables which have been weaved together.

BRC chair photo

The amount of effort put into construction is pretty impressive -- here is the underside:

BRC chair photo

There's another version of a chair, more of a dining chair style. This one is "BNR011000110110100001100001011010010111001001-00110010" or Binary Chair 02.

It is made from ethernet cables stripped to the wires, then woven and held in place with grounding wire clamps.

The surface is a collage of old computer parts including chips, lcd screens, hard drive disks, and more all held together with sheet metal screws.

BRC chair photo

And if that weren't enough, "The chair also has an interactive quality as the hard drive disks can be spun, the telephone keys and other buttons can be pressed, and the antennae raised and adjusted."

In other words, these are thrones for geeks. It might not be as "interactive" as we'd expect from something made of circuit boards and wires, but it is most definitely an interesting piece of furniture. Again, neither Lloyd nor I are totally convinced that this is perfectly safe to sit in. However, I definitely know a handful of people who would love to have these in their apartments.

BRC chair photo

And there is also a table:

BRC table image

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