Chairs Looking Like Corpses by Karen Ryan

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Photo: with permission of flickr/karenryan

Karen Ryan is an English artist and furniture maker whose work hasn't been seen in a while. Last noted at the London Design Festival in 2007, she is back now with a series of chairs pieced together from...other chairs.

Throughout the city of Portsmouth, England, she has placed her re-assembled remnants of chairs in abandoned locations, fields and alleyways, so that they look like dead bodies.

karen body photo

Photo:with permission of flickr/karenryan

Ryan is known for her use of recycled objects in her work. Other projects have used old chairs stuck together, but in this exercise, called body, she has taken it to the limit. She has collected discarded chair frames, taken them apart and then re-assembled them in a macabre fashion.

old field photo

Photo: flickr/karenryan

This TreeHugger wrote to Karen Ryan, asking her the who, what, where and why of her project. Her answer was enigmatic: "It is intentional that I have only put the title 'Body' installation locally in Portsmouth, so I am sorry but I can not give you further text."

They are everywhere you wouldn't want to go: abandoned fields, back alleys, garbage strewn paths. So if you are in Portsmouth, let us know where to find them.

plates ryan photo

Photo: flickr/karenryan

Karen Ryan also works with old, antique and discarded plates. She finds them in charity shops. She is more forthcoming about her modus operandi: she removes "the decorative patterns that camouflage our everyday lies. In its place I leave words that prick our conscience and create portraits of hidden domestics left open for others to interpret."

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