Chair Survey: London Design Festival


What is it about design and chairs--there were so many chairs by so many different designers all over the London Design Festival. We loved the toilet paper chair, or loo paper chair as they would call it in the UK, made of wood and you know what by a Japanese designer....his email,, came on a piece of loo paper too. He creates furniture " to make the audience sparkle and grin".

The brightly coloured blue "Meltdown Chair" was created by heating and pressing a seat-shaped former into a ball of rope. The rope liquifies as it comes into contact with the heat and then hardens. A variation of this theme is made by heating a the seat-shaped form onto a stack of common plumbing tubes. The ends of the tubes melt and fuse together leaving a pattern of holes on the surface of the moulded seat.


Karen Ryan's chairs (left) were seen at Liberty's Trash Luxe show. Described as a "design agitator", Ryan makes them out of discarded and unwanted furniture from a "scavenger's palette of fate". Henny Van Nistelrooy calls himself a furniture tailor. His "products" (right) are made from a piece of cloth; his tools are a sewing machine and a pair of scissors. The "Stitched chair" looks like a soft, floppy piece of fabric but is is a fully functioning chair--quite strong and comfortable.

In this chair by George Pegasiou the cane acts as a support for the seat and user. Made of ash wood with simple detailing, this. creates a "poetic union" that provides an emotional message about the simple act of standing-up." :: London Design Festival

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