Chair by the Brothers Dressler

Lars and Jason Dressler are two very tall brothers who build very neat stuff. A phrase we learned in school was to design with "an economy of means and a generosity of ends", a test that this chair meets- each is carefully cut out of a single sheet of baltic birch plywood. Face on, one can see it is 50% air.

UPDATE: The designers add the following info, included below the fold:


The onedge rocker is part of a series of furniture that explores the infinite possibilities of using plywood on it edge to create form, structure, and comfort. The chair is made of four repeated elements which are bolted together without the use of adhesive. The primary material is a sustainable manufactured plywood which can be finished in an array of stains or colours and is topped with a water-based lacquer. Because the chair is composed of separate elements, it can be flat-packed for shipping and dismantled at the end of its life cycle for recycling or reuse. The chair is cut from a single sheet of plywood with emphasis on minimal waste. What little remains of the plywood sheet has been put to use to create child-safe wooden wheeled toys called Cutlets. The cantilevered design of the rocker offers slight flex and movement for relaxing with a book or rocking a babe to sleep. Also available in the onedge series are a lounge, ottoman and dining chair.

also available with arms at ::Brothers Dressler
found at the ::Interior Design Show