Ceramics at the London Design Festival

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There weren't a lot of exciting ceramics at the Festival, but these recycled dishes and jugs were eye-catching and eco. Esther Coombs collects discarded pieces of ceramics from all over the place and draws directly onto them.

Her designs are modern, stylish and very English. Her packaging is all recyclable or compostable too. These garden markers are made out of pieces of old plates, with the names painted over. A lovely addition to the back garden.

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She says that "I want to mix the old treasure and narratives these items possess with the new story I layer onto them. It's also a little bit good for the world to use these discarded items of others, re-invent and renew them to fill our homes anew."

jasper morrison.photo

Jasper Morrison is a well-known English industrial designer. He does furniture and office desks on a large scale. But he has branched out into ceramics and dishes. His jugs, pitchers and glassware have a simplicity and timelessness that sets them among the classics.

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These cups for coffee are at the other extreme. KeepCup claims to be the first recyclable barista style standard coffee cup. Coming from Australia, the cups are made of polypropylene #5 and are BPA free. They are stackable, lightweight and have a lifespan of 4 years. KeepCup is sized the same as disposable coffee cups commonly used by baristas, so it can be substituted for paper cups without any modification.

Melbourne Australia based, they are seeking "crusaders" to distribute their message, and cups in overseas markets. Given that Australians alone use some 500 million disposable cups each year--throwing out 951 every minute--there's sure to be a market for them somewhere there, and here too.

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