Center For Green Roof Research: Penn State's EcoRoof Technology Course


One aspect that makes this photo eye-catching is the lovely layout and plant diversity -- much more appealing than the usual green roof monoculture found in North America. Who's behind the mystery roof? It seems it is either on the Penn State University campus Center For Green Roof Research or at an associated facility in Europe. Did architects and engineers suddenly get into plants. Nope, this is in the Horticulture Department. About time. Here's an excerpt from the course sylabus for Penn State's course EcoRoof Technology (Hort 497A): "The course objective will be to examine the fundamentals of greenroofs their origins, installation, maintenance, and relationship with other green building technologies. Their use in stormwater mitigation as well as their ancillary benefits will be discussed. Practicum periods will be hands-on, with field trips to local green roofs as well as the installation of a green roof on a small building". Get a look at some student "hands on" below the fold. Photo credit: Gert Fortgens, via the CGRR website mainpage.
Students show propagating plants for a green roof project.