Casa Viguet Shows How To Build in Sunny Climes

campo-elevation photo

On of my biggest complaints about the Hemeroscopium house was its construction in Spain without a bit of shading on the windows. Architect Nicolás del Campo shows how it is done right, with his Casa Viguet in Buenos Aires. It has decent overhangs, a sliding louvre systems and fixed screens.

campo corner detail photo

Portions of the wall are covered in perforated screens that used to be very popular in the United States, made famous by Edward Durell Stone, who sometimes got a bit carried away.

campo end elevation detail

But simple screens like this can add interest, can control light, and add no small degree of security.

campo house at night photo

and, look very cool at night.

campo plan image

Tight, seven hundred square foot plan. ndc arquitectura - Arquitecto Nicolás del Campo via Noticias Arquitectura and Materialicious

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