Casa Pentimento by Jose Maria Sáez and David Barragán


In the Dairy house shown recently, horizontal slots were filled with glass. In Ecuador, the climate is a bit different; it appears more important to have lots of natural ventilation. in the Casa Pentimento, the architects have developed a prefabricated concrete system that acts as wall, screen, support for landscaping and even holds up the furniture.


Google translation from the architect's website: "The interstices between prefabricated wall in turn filter vegetation and light, the cracks are left open at some points and close in others with transparent or translucent acrylic and strips of wood. These same cracks inside are supporting pieces of wood that become bookshelves, chairs, tables and steps."


"The house ignores possible finishes. The foundation slab melts with black pigment and firming to become the finished floor final. The precast concrete are both viewed abroad as inside, softening its hard wood red, and green-Flashing oxidized copper and vegetation always present."


::Design Boom, ::Arqsaez, ::Platforma Arquitectura

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