Carry Your House On Your Back With the JakPak

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I thought Wired Magazine was cruel, when they called the JAKPAK an epic gadget FAIL. So did Michelle at JAKPAK, who wrote "Pretty excited to see you guys stand up to the Wired article regarding the Jakpak. It is a great product." But they like it at the Consumerist and Fast Company, and I like it too.

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What's not to like; it is more of a bivy sack than a tent, but a lot of people camp like that. In fact this looks better than most of the bivy sacks I have seen; I love the mosquito netting, although I suspect they will bite right through it. Cliff at Fast Company called it a great example of Hobotech, a term I am steal and personalize as hobotecture, (no, damn, Fast Company coined that too!) for lightweight mobile living.

Our correspondent Michelle demonstrates. More at JakPak
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