Carry your cutlery on your face with the Goggle Cups

goggle cups
© Steven M. Johnson

TreeHugger Emeritus Warren McLaren used to cover the ultralight camping beat here; he used to design the stuff and I bet even he would be impressed with Steven M. Johnson's contribution to the field: Goggle cups, or snow goggles that break apart to become a full set of cutlery. I am not convinced about using the goggle portion as a big soupspoon, but then I have enough trouble keeping my glasses clean without eating from them.

More ideas at Steven M. Johnson's site Patent Depending

earl tablet© Sqigle, Inc.
Now of course, the only camping gear we show is the stuff that keeps your smartphone charged so that you can read TreeHugger in the trees. I wonder what Mr. Johnson would come up with to do that.

This might have been a Steven M. Johnson invention; it does seem odd to combine a pot with a thermoelectric generator. However I have one and it is brilliant. New and improved PowerPot X is lighter, more powerful

Carry your cutlery on your face with the Goggle Cups
Steven M. Johnson's great idea for ultralight camping combines your dinnerware with your goggles.

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