Carpet remnants recycled into unique Tessellated Floorscapes (Video)

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According to statistics, about five billion pounds of discarded carpet goes to landfills each year. In order to help put a dent in this wasteful problem, Brooklyn-based designer Igor Siddiqui of ISSSStudio has an idea to put carpet remnants to good use: by making more one-of-a-kind carpets out of irregularly shaped offcuts.

Tessellated Floorscape from ISSSStudio on Vimeo.

Dubbing these coverings "Tessellated Floorscapes," Siddiqui plays on the geometrical possibilities on tessellations, which are tilings of a two-dimensional plane using one or more geometric shapes (called "tiles") with no overlaps and no gaps. He describes how the "prototypical mass-customized" rug's forms and patterns are generated:

The project makes use of carpeting remnants and increases their value through a new custom pattern. The rug is based on a digital animation from which a different key-frame is extracted each time a new piece is commissioned or sold. The extracted pattern serves directly as a template for water-jet cutting by the manufacturer. The material is cut in a way that maximizes the intricacy of the contoured shape of each tile, while minimizing waste throughout the fabrication. Although always based on the same digital file, each rug in the series is completely unique in shape, material, and color.
Looking at the project's diagrams, it seems that a standard tessellation pattern is overlapped with a topographical image to make the tiles a bit more unique, and the rugs' patterns are extracted from these non-standard tilings.

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By the way of a digitally-generated process and pattern, it's a clever twist on a product made through the techniques of mass production, thereby turning each rug into something that is custom-made, unique and striking, while also diverting pieces of previously unusable carpet from the dump. Originally made for Aronson's Floor Coverings, Tessellated Floorscape has since been showcased in places like Design Within Reach in New York City. More over at ISSSStudio.

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Carpet remnants recycled into unique Tessellated Floorscapes (Video)
A Brooklyn-based design studio turns to digital animation to generate the patterns for these striking rugs made out of recycled carpet pieces.

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