Cardboard USB Sticks! Are these disposable USB flash drives a green option? (Photos)

cardboard usb stick photo

A while back, Jaymi wrote an interesting post discussing 7 greener options for give-away USB flash drives. Whilst some made of wood or bamboo are truly gorgeous, they are also overdesigned, and probably too expensive to compete with non-green USB sticks when it comes to give-away merchandising at trade fairs and conferences. Now, the Russian design company Art Lebedev Studio came up with a disposable USB stick, called Flashkus, made of very little cardboard. Very low-cost (although not on the market yet), you can personalise it simply by scribbling on the cardboard, tear one off and hand it out without thinking twice to anyone you just met and might not see again. Sounds good but there's a but...


If disposable means biodegradable, it sometimes is the greener option for objects and gadgets, but it depends whether they can be disposed of properly. Looking at this well-designed cardboard USB stick, I wonder how you can recycle it; is it easy to separate the electronic bits from the cardboard? I guess sometimes a more expensive option is the greener one; cherished by the user it will have a longer life. But then again, Flashkus is great if you need to send it somewhere (flatpack and lightweight) or for emergency situation when an extra stick comes in handy to give-away. It seems that this simple USB stick's production cycle is definitely less resource consuming than most other flash drives. And hopefully in the near future we all have mobile phones that double as USB sticks...

cardboard usb sticks personalised photo

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