Cardboard Packaging Comes With Instructions For Upcycling Into Useful Stuff

joolz packagingJoolz/Promo image

Joolz strollers are not tiny, and come in big cardboard boxes. For most kids, that would be heaven, better than the stroller itself; Joolz has other ideas. Springwise shows how Joolz is making the box into something more than a great fort. The creative director is quoted in Push Chair Trader:

“It’s just really wasteful to throw away all that cardboard”, says creative director Emile Kuenen. “We like to contribute to a sustainable world and my belief is that every step one can take is a meaningful one. For that reason, we set up a special project team and they investigated our packaging thoroughly. They thought about giving the cardboard a second life and designed several products, which can be made out of the existing packing. At first, I saw the cardboard as a necessary evil to protect our products during carriage and storage, but now you can cut out all kinds of products and make them in to beautiful projects. I started to look at cardboard differently.”

My kids would have said that a cardboard box cannot be improved upon; so would my cat. But it is nice to give people options. More at Springwise

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