Cardboard Furniture is Durable and Recyclable and Everywhere

shanzai resto photo

Image from Shanzai

Cardboard is popping up everywhere. A strong and durable material, it is made from recycled paperboard and is itself recyclable when you get bored. It is long lasting, can be assembled easily, comes in a flat-pack and some say is softer and friendlier than wood or plastic. It certainly is cheaper....

Here are some new and novel ways that cardboard is being used in the furniture and restaurant business. Pfsk spotted this furniture in a Taiwanese restaurant where everything including bookcases, sofas, chairs and even dining tables is made out of recycled cardboard.

cardboard pisa photo

Image from Shanzai

The owner is obviously into the cardboard zeitgeist. Outside he has more paper-made pieces of art, including the leaning tower of Pisa. Apparently when it rains, the boss makes a new one.

card board photo

Image from Cardboard Future

This good looking desk from Cardboard Future. The company also makes round tables, shelf units and bedside drawer units. The desk is made from double walled corrugated board and is supposed to take only 3 minutes to assemble. The pieces are great for setting up shop quickly or temporarily or expanding an office. At home they could be used in a child's room or as a study area or in the spare room.

move boxes photo

Image from Inhabitat

"Move" is a packing box which can be folded and reused as furniture once it is unpacked. As noted in Inhabitat: It is perfect for those who move often or lack the funds to furnish their living space. Developed by Janice Perkuhn, it be turned into a chair or a stool or a bedside table. And can be reused the next time you move.

san serif photo

Image from San Serif

Also from Inhabitat, the Bold Chair. It's made from 100% biodegradable corrugated cardboard and each chair is screw-free and constructed from stacked sheets of board. But tests found that it can withstand weight of up to a ton--so feel free to sit in it after dinner.

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