Carbofil : a solution for the famous 12 million pound of ...

Do you remember the 12 million pounds of excrement, flowing from agrobusiness industries, polluting small community surroundings, as described in the Meatrix ? Based on a world wide patent, a new biological treatment, for fats, manure or sewage is available for agriculture "industries", where the need for efficient and cheaper treatment processes is growing.The CARBOFIL reactor, designed in 1997 by a french company, allows elevated oxygenation of effluent in order to treat wastewater such as fats and manure. This system is very economical, has very low electricity consumption because the process uses the laws of the mechanics of fluids to its advantage to bring the air necessary for the development of micro-organisms.

The main advantage of this system, compared to traditionnal seawage treatment, is the reduced area it requires within the farmer's land : the whole system is compact and has reduced visual impact with use of colored resin tanks. For industrial or farmers willing to know more about the whole system, the company website features case studies and references with local food producers in Brittany.

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