Canoe paddles with a stylish flair

canoe paddles
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Canoe paddles are not an item that you buy often: once you have one that you love (probably from camping days) you don't really need to ever get another. But these great looking paddles might cause you to reassess that theory...

Made in Canada, they are a modern take on an old classic. As the designers describe their aesthetic: "Contact Voyaging Co. is a company based around bringing city style to the outdoors and the outdoor spirit to urban design."

They are made out of cherrywood or basswood (depending upon the style) in Ontario, Canada. Then they are hand finished in the designers' studio in Toronto. The paddle comes with a signed certificate of authenticity showing title, paddle type and edition.

It's a series of four different themes and it's hard to decide which is the best.

Feathers (see above) is cherrywood and is inspired by the feathers of birds of prey.

Semaphore depicts the 26 different semaphore flags; one per paddle. You could pick your initial or a lucky friend's.

Cross is a beavertail paddle with a cross on it: very cool looking.

As we used to sing....stroke, paddle paddle paddle, stroke, paddle paddle...

Canoe paddles with a stylish flair
Here comes summer and a new, stylish canoe paddle might make it even better.

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