Canadian House & Home: Less is More, Now in Digital Goodness


"Great and Small," the September issue of Canadian House & Home magazine is out now; as the title suggests, it's all about space-saving, space-efficient, less-is-more home design. Among other goodies is a feature on six totally functional, totally small interiors; they average 690 square feet in size, with 950 at the top and a diminutive 180 square feet on the small end. If you're looking for tips, advice, or inspiration on how to maximize your minimal space, this is it.

What's that, you say? You're not a subscriber? Not a problem; they now have a slick electronic version of the magazine (easier on the trees that way), and, as an added bonus, they're offering a free preview, online right now. Turn pages at the click of the mouse, zoom in for closer looks the spreads. Like the content of the magazine, the digital version helps you do more with less. ::Canadian House & Home via ::Apartment Therapy

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