Canadian Cabin for Fluffy Little Critters from Loyal Luxe

icff loyal luxe cardboard cat box photo

Loyal Luxe

Cats love cardboard boxes, any old cardboard box. So it takes some marketing skill to convince people to actually pay money for a cardboard box. Loyal Lux designs its cardboard box, which "distinguishes itself through its innovative design and its humoristic thematic inspired by the Canadian style hunting chalets and their associated symbolism." They were on display at the Designboom Mart.

icff loyal luxe cat box photo

They even sell cardboard ornaments (mounted fish or antlers) to put over the door.

On their website Loyal Luxe says "Say goodbye to accessories and products for pet that lack good taste, are overly cute, too elaborate, or out dated. Instead, say hello to a new line of quality products with a creative design. They are simple but audacious, made in Canada, and offered at an affordable price. Our company wants to introduce good taste and the accessible designs to everyone!

icff loyal luxe dog box photo

But I am not so sure, it is still just a cardboard Box.

Website is too cute to live at Loyalluxe

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