Can Green Design Be Dumb Design?

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Ben Uyeda, partner and architect for FreeGreen, writes in the Huffington Post about silly and stupid green design. He trashes shipping container architecture: "Why are people recycling perfectly good shipping containers into narrow houses with low ceilings?" Building integrated wind turbines: ". Rather than giving up valuable square footage in a dense urban setting, wouldn't it make more sense to use the revenue gained by the building's primary function to install more windmills in a cheaper location outside of the city?" and more.

Ben notes that we should " be careful when we use slogans like "green design can save the world." Hipster-friendly green gadgets that allow us to wear our tree-hugging hearts on our organic cotton flannel sleeves will not save us."

But my favourite, and most ironic since he is in the house plan biz, was his last point:

We need to focus on the opportunities that create real impact not techno-centric media attention. Now, I have to go figure out how to convince my clients that small durable homes in pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods are more desirable than a big ones with solar panels and bamboo floors.

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