Cameron Sinclair's Favourite Possession

The New York Times style section has a regular feature called "Possessed" where they interview the rich and fashionable about their favourite possessions. Today they pushed out from their usual envelope and talked to TreeHugger hero Cameron Sinclair, co-founder of Architecture for Humanity and author of Design Like You Give a Damn. Of course, he is on the road a lot, and is not a wealthy celebrity architect, so we suspected that his possession might be small. it is: an American two dollar bill that he got in Starbucks.

"I had never got one before," said Mr. Sinclair, a British subject who has lived in the United States since the early 1990s. "And I realized that it would make a good good-luck charm because Jefferson was the only president who was an architect." Of course, he points out that "54 percent of the people in the world live on less than $2 a day." ::New York Times

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