Cameron Sinclair Gets Cheers from Architects


The last time we wrote about Cameron Sinclair talking to architects, he started a major controversy with his incendiary comments about starchitects. (see Cameron Sinclair in Architectural Bunfights on Two Continents) When he came to Toronto last week for the Ontario Association of Architects convention, he was positively restrained, almost cuddly. He got a standing ovation from 1200 architects and not a bun tossed. Most interesting statistics:

-96% of the world's buildings are built without architects, so why are we complaining that there is no work? There is a whole world of work out there.

-over the next thirty years there will be as many buildings built in the world as there have been in all of history.

I caught up with Cameron and asked him about the profession. Key words: "We're hiring!"

Apply at Architecture for Humanity.

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