Cameron Sinclair Awarded in London and More Architecture Stories of The Week

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This week was a big one for TreeHugger friend Cameron Sinclair as he travelled to London to receive the Royal Society of Arts' Bicentenary Medal. Cameron flew into his home town to pick up the honour, jointly awarded to him and his partner Kate Stohr, as co-founders of Architecture For Humanity. The Medal is usually awarded to 'a person who, in a manner other than as an industrial designer, has applied art and design in great effect as instruments of civic innovation'. This year Cameron and Kate were honoured for "increasing people's resourcefulness". So three cheers for AFH from the TreeHugger team and here are five more architectural stories of the week to celebrate!Inhabitat: Zero-Power Digital Cloud Shows Images and Data in the London Skyline by Ariel Schwartz
"It sounds like something out of a science fiction novel, but architects at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have a plan to build a massive digital cloud above the London skyline. "

Infrastructurist: Beijing to Tear Down 10,000 Homes for Expanded Business District by Alex Lessard-Pilon
"The long-term ecological goals of the project are admirable. But it's hard not to wonder how those torn-down homes figure into the 80% reduction in landfill waste. Or what will cause water consumption to decline more-design brilliance or getting rid of all those residents?"

Jetson Green: Clay Roof Integrated Solé Power Tile by Preston Koerner
"We've seen building integrated solar by separate companies for use with both asphalt shingles and standing seam roofing. Now SRS Energy and US Tile are preparing to unveil a new Solé Power Tile at Greenbuild. The barrel-style technology was designed for a clay tile curved roofing system."

Oprah Environment: Going Green - The Stuff of Nightmares by Simran Sethi
"Even though brown recluse spiders scare the dickens out of me (did I mention they're known to bite people in their sleep?), I did not want to douse them with chemicals that would pollute the air and hurt me and the kitten I hope to pick up from the shelter as soon as I'm settled."

Zero Champion: Happy Return for Sinclair
by Phil Clark
"Sinclair's work, which was described by RSA chairman Luke Johnson, who also presented him with a medal for achievement, as "astonishing and exemplary", was the centre of attention this time, which again was refreshing. Last time he was back to his home city in the Spring he got himself embroiled in a rather ugly spat with Zaha Hadid."

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