CalmSpace Lets You Power Nap in Peace and Quiet at the Office

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French Designer Marie-Virginie Berbet studied neuro-pharmacology before becoming a designer, and put this education to work in her 2006 graduate thesis, a cell for sleeping that "optimizes environmental conditions to provide a regenerating short-time sleep"

Now, working with furniture manufacturer Haworth, she has designed a commercial version, CalmSpace. It lets employees catch a few zzz's, which, studies have shown, "primes our brains to function at a higher level, letting us come up with better ideas, find solutions to puzzles more quickly, identify patterns faster and recall information more accurately."

The designer explains:

CalmSpace is a powernap microspace for workplace. Environmental conditions are optimized to offer a short but regenerative sleep. CalmSpace integrates Zyken sound and light technology developed with sleep experts (Centre du sommeil de l'Hôtel-Dieu, Paris), which provides 10, 15 and 20 min nap sequences. The immersive environment (sound and light) helps disconnecting from the workplace and helps falling asleep. At the end of the sequence, the blue light awakes the worker in a energized manner thanks to their stimulant effects (du to the blockade of melatonin secretion, hormone of sleep). CalmSpace is a tool to rest at work by offering worker a real solution.

To get out, you say the words "Open the pod bay doors, Hal"

More at Marie-Virginie Berbet , via Dezeen

CalmSpace Lets You Power Nap in Peace and Quiet at the Office
Studies have shown that naps are good for you; Here is a place to have one.

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