Call for Ideas: Unreasonable Institute Seeking Applicants Who Can Save the Planet

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The Unreasonable Institute is actually totally reasonable: they're looking for people with great ideas, who think big, who want to change the world, and who seem like they can. No big deal, huh? If this description fits you, or someone you know, get moving on an application for the 2011 fellowship—you have until December 15 to apply, and they happen to be on the lookout this year for environment-related projects.So what is the Institute, exactly?

In their own words:

We attract the world's most brilliant and promising entrepreneurs who are dedicated to having a globally significant social or environmental impact with their ventures. Through an intensive application process, these early-stage entrepreneurs are chosen to become Unreasonable Fellows and attend the Unreasonable Institute. Additionally, we attract serial entrepreneurs, globally recognized thought leaders and innovators, and leading investors to mentor our Fellows. These Unreasonable Mentors become the crux of our model throughout the Institute.

How it works: for the six-week duration of the fellowship, the 25 entrepreneurs focus on skill development, designing the business, they get a mentor—the Institute says mentorship is the crux of the model—and the chance to build a relationship with a capital partner. The final week is the "execution, outreach and exposure" stage, during which fellows receive assistance connecting with and pitching their ideas to potential partners, investors, friends.

Last year's fellows—the Unreasonable Institute's first—developed some great ideas, from connecting farmers with consumers in the Dominican Republic to Global Cycle Solutions, which is "transforming the bicycle into a vehicle of innovation," to the latest in biochar.

Check out more of the 2010 fellows and the progress they've made. You can't not be inspired.

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