Call for Entries: Metropolis 2008 Next Generation Design Competition


Designers, listen up: it's time for the Metropolis 2008 Next Generation Design Competition. The 5th annual competition (we've covered previous years here and here) is focusing on one of the world's most precious resources: water.

"With up to one third of the global population living without reliable access to clean water, we need better design solutions that account for potable water, gray water, black water -- its uses, re-uses, controls, management, efficiency, and conservation. We call on your innovative design solutions at all scales and sizes—products, interiors, buildings, landscapes, communication systems, or anything else you’ve dreamed up—for handling this most precious and most threatened natural resource. The time for new thinking on water is now."

Indeed. Read up on the rules, FAQ, judges and resources before filling out an application. Deadline for entry is January 4, 2008; check out this Metropolis piece for some inspiration. ::Metropolis 2008 Next Generation Design Competition