California Sets Green Building Material Mandate For Formaldeyde Reduction


Via:- Dow Jones Newswires (subscription only). "California air regulators on Thursday approved the nation's most sweeping restriction on emissions of formaldehyde, a cancer-causing chemical found in kitchen cabinets, shelving, counter-tops and ready-to-assemble furniture. The rule will require manufacturers to reduce by more than half a toxic chemical [formaldehyde] in manufactured wood..." The standard would begin in 2009 and be fully implemented by 2012. This will be extremely good news for "Columbia Forest Products, an Oregon-based manufacturer that began taking formaldehyde out of its plywood in 2002." It's also great for construction material suppliers who have already have certified formaldehyde free products (like SierraPine Composites, as pictured). California being a huge market-maker, other manufacturers are likely to come all unglued over this. "For some American cabinetmakers, manufacturers and others in the wood industry, the higher standard would force them to use more expensive wood glues and lead to longer processing times. That could affect profits and drive up prices for consumers, said dozens of witnesses who testified during Thursday's hearing." We'll bet those lobbyists didn't invite the testimony of those poor folks who had to live in formaldehyde filled FEMA trailers since Katrina hit. Too bad the rule doesn't kick in before the 2007 hurricane season: it might have helped. Then again, the longer lead time as proposed in this California standard might be necessary to give suppliers enough time to get re-glued. But is it enough for Chinese suppliers?

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