California Paints Launches Elements VOC-free Paint

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Now that the temperatures are chilling down, its time to do indoor, rather than outdoor, home repair. Why not give those walls a touch up of paint? Or, for new homeowners, done with apartment living and its bare, white walls, its time to finally get to PAINT YOUR OWN WALLS! Yay! Why not try Elements No-VOC paint now available by California Paints. Aside from being VOC-Free, Elements paint is also GreenWise certified and LEED compliant. The paint comes in primer, ceiling white, flat finish, eggshell finish and semi-gloss finish. The paints are designed to need only one-coat application resulting in fewer resources needed to get the job done, but also be highly durable and scrubbable.

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For commercial jobs, California Paints has their ENVIROTECH line, which is also VOC-free, comes in primer and interior flat, interior eggshell and interior semi-gloss. Both paints to contain anti-microbials though and for this California Paints uses their own special Microban Technology, which is supposed to keep the additives in the paint and not leaching out in the air. The microbials are added to improve performance and increase the life of the paint, though its debatable whether anti-microbials are healthy or helpful.

Not sure how much paint you might need? They also offer a color calculator to help you better estimate how many gallons of paint you might need.

The Elements paint line does not contain triclosan. As a company, California Paints recycles all of its wastewater and solvents, and has switched over to all recycled paint cans. The manufacturing facility is self-contained to eliminate any products from escaping out into the environment. In addition, the facility is located on a rail line which reduces the need for truck transport of supplies and materials to the manufacturing plant. California Paints is a member of the US Green Building Council. Elements can be found online and paint stores in the US, as well as in Bermuda and Lithuania.:Elements by California Paints
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