Caboodle Corrugated Habitats for Cats

Caboodle cat tree photo

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It's a banner day for my cat, Chekhov, whenever the FedEx truck pulls up in front of my door, hefty box in tow. It's almost comical the way he pads hurriedly into the living room, tail quivering with anticipation as I slice the package open and empty it of its contents. That explosive boom you hear? That's mi gato launching himself into the box's corrugated depths, where he'll spend the rest of the day pondering the various inequities that have been visited upon him. Or how to solve world hunger. You never quite know with cats.

I want to keep my fur-baby happy, but I'm not about to leave random boxes around the house to satisfy his yen for cardboard. Enter the Caboodle, a three-level kitty condo that is far easier on the eyes than anything I could cobble together.
Made in the United States from 40 percent post-consumer recycled cardboard, the $29.95 feline hang-out comes with peek-a-boo holes and contoured "grooming edges" for rubbing against. If your cat is more climber than lounger, you can punch out passageways between floors. (Or leave them be if your sleeping cat would rather lie.)

With extra-sturdy double walls capable of withstanding cats who cut more...shall we say...Rubenesque figures, the Caboodle was able to hold 13 phone books, totaling 47 pounds, without buckling under their weight. The downside: It's not waterproof and won't be able to prevail against splatter from tipped-over water dishes or peeved kitties who use their bladders to Make. A. Point.

As a bonus, each Caboodle ships with three Tumblorz, cat toys cleverly fashioned from manufacturing offcuts.

Caboodle cat tree photo

Photo credit: Caboodle
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