Buy T-shirt, Build Home, Look Hot, House Families


That's the simple premise behind this campaign. Cameron Sinclair, "lumberjack sized Brit", author of Design Like You Give a Damn, and co-founder of Architecture for Humanity tells the story of meeting Natalie "Alabama" Chanin at a conference in Doha, Qatar earlier this year and jawing about Sam Mockbee and the like. He must have made an impression. because Alabama has set aside some of her artisan hand-sewn (with quilting/stitching techniques) organic cotton T's to act as fundraisers. The dough goes to Architecture for Humanity's work to help rebuild Biloxi, following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. Three homes are under construction, with another four due to commence soon. So, if you are a man or woman, sized XS to XL, you know what to do that spare $75 USD. Roofs are waiting for you. ::Alabama Builds.